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Building Agility With a Contingent Workforce

28 July 2022, Wednesday
2.00pm - 3.00pm SG/HK Time (GMT +8)

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PERSOLKELLY recently published the annual Workforce Insights Report on April 2022 titled: Building Agility With A Contigent Workforce.

It was a survey conducted with over 1,200 HR decision makers from more than 10 industries across Asia Pacific region, where results showed that over 58% companies supported the adoption of Contingent Workforce to overcome talent shortages. Those who are already doing so, intend to expand its ratio to 15% and above in the next 2 years.

In this upcoming webinar session, more insights will be discussed as gained from the survey while PERSOLKELLY's Country Head, Brian Sim will speak about the current workforce trends across markets and what employees are looking for. You will also get to hear the views of a panelist of Senior Leaders from global players, and gain insights to their workforce.



Brian Sim

MD & Country Head at PERSOLKELLY Malaysia

Alvin Aloysius Goh


Ethan Lim

Talent Acquisition Leader at GALDERMA JPAC

Vinos Samuel

Contingent Talent Lead at NETFLIX APAC



Personal & Professional Branding

13 July 2022, Wednesday
10.00am - 12.00pm SG/HK Time (GMT +8)

Event Details

This SHAKE-UP session covers the essential skill for personal branding through creating a good LinkedIn profile, which can present you as a professional consultant so that you can attract potential employers & clients.

Expected upskilling tips:

- How to differentiate yourself from the competition

- How to build trust with prospective clients and employers

- How to leverage personal branding on social media such as LinkedIn



Jaya Latha Balan

PERSOLKELLY Malaysia, Manager, Talent Development

She has been in the workforce industry for almost 10 year. She possesses strong communication & interpersonal skills, and she is truly passionate in building relationship as well as engaging people from different walks of life.



Interactive Workshop

Building A Great Company

15 June 2022, Wednesday
09.00am - 11:00pm SG/HK Time (GMT +8)

Event Details

What do you think drives consistent performance?


There are a lot of myths about what drives the performance of companies, and in this session, we will separate myth from reality reflecting on these questions:

- How much does the company leadership matter?

- What about the industry and the economy?

- What about the company itself?

- Is strategy more important than high performing culture?

- Do the best copmanies really need to be great innovators?


In this session, we aim to help participants achieve a deeper understanding of what is required for organizational success, as well as, providing pragmatic and implementable strategies that they can adopt to build a great company.


Speaker: Boris Groysberg - Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School




Hiring & Growing Top-Performing Talent

8 March 2022, Tuesday
10.00am - 12:00pm SG/HK Time (GMT +8)

Event Details

Companies need talent to drive their strategies forward-to innovate, to adapt, and to execute flawlessly. But whether you are seeking a key executive, several portfolio managers or a dozen engineers, how can you find the talent you need?


HBS Professor Boris Groysberg draws on his latest research to discuss best practices for hiring and growing top-performing employees. He shows how leaders who take a more balanced approach to human capital management and nurture talent from within can create more resilient, successful organizations.


In this session, we will examine strategies for taking ourselves, our teams, and our organizations to the next level by strategically managin talent and the latest thinking about becoming a star.


Speaker: Boris Groysberg - Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School




Learning and Development Programs for the Digital Era

28 January 2022, Friday
2pm - 3:30pm SG/HK Time (GMT +8)

Event Details

The role of L&D has evolved considerably in the past two decades. L&D transformed from an operations cost-center to a strategic imperative directly impacting top-line growth. During the pandemic, organizations have become more cautious abot every dollar spent. L&D professionals should reconsider how to design and execute talent development programs to align with business and end-user demands.


Webinar rundown:

- L&D Design Concepts

- Diagnosing Employee's Fundamental L&D Needs

- Future-proofing Talent Requirements

- L&D Design to Minimize Skill Gaps

- Q&A

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